Motorcycle Music

Love Riding To Your Favourite Tunes?

Check out my playlists including some of the best riding music out there. Happy listening!

British Bands Motorcycle Music

All the best riding tunes by the Brits, to cover your miles across the isles. This list includes tracks from my all-time favourite band, Oasis, as well as some classics from bands like The Jam and The Clash.

The Best Of The Rest - Riding Music

Kings Of Leon anyone? Or perhaps some Red Hot Chili Peppers to get you revved up and ready? This list is short and sweet, to get you from A to B in style. Here are my favourite cruising songs, from worldwide bands.

Motorcycle Music From The Movies & TV

Brought from the background – this is all the songs featured on my Motorcycle Media page. Listen back over the soundtracks that tell a story. These ones are much easier to hear, minus the narration and open throttles. Although let’s be honest, that’s also music to our ears!

Road Trippin'

All my favourite motorcycle melodies in one playlist – for the longer rides! If you liked the other three playlists, then this is the one for you when all you want to do is press play. No need to worry about song selecting or choosing the play order. Feel free to stick these tracks on shuffle, and let the good times roll.

When you’re listening to my playlists, please be careful because your spatial awareness can be affected, as well as your balance in some circumstances. Always remember to be aware of your surroundings when riding, and pay attention to the road, as your sense of hearing will change your riding ability. It is important to remain focussed, and not get distracted. With all that said, enjoy the playlists and stay safe.