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Who's Behind Rider UK?

About Me

My favourite band once told me, “I know the roads down which your life will drive.”

I believed this myself for a while… until my life took an unexpected turn due to the pandemic. With my GPS headed in a new direction, I had to follow my instincts and grab the bike by the handlebars.

Here’s my take on the world of motorcycling, sat in the saddle with the revs in the red zone!

After all, “You gotta roll with it…”

Image of my face
Image of Elizabeth - my motorcycle

Meet Elizabeth

Named in honour of the 16th century queen, my powerful Honda NC700X has reigned supreme over my driveway since May 2019, when I began riding. As an adventurer myself, it only seemed appropriate to ride an adventure motorcycle, and in the short time we’ve spent together I feel like I made the right choice.

As a first motorcycle she’s comfortable to ride and easy to handle. But don’t let that fool you – she packs plenty of ‘oomph’ in her 670cc engine, and when I open the throttle she goes like the clappers.

Being the loyal subject that I am, I hope she rules as long as the queen did, so together we can etch out our own story in history.

Long live Elizabeth!